Clinics We Offer

Antenatal Clinic

The GPs promote antenatal care.

The midwife offers a clinic weekly usually on a Tuesday.

Cervical Smears

Appointments can be made via reception. Please inform reception that you require a cervical smear as extra time will be allowed for this.

Women over the age of 24 will receive reminders when a cervical smear is due.

Family Planning

Appointments can be made via reception. All our doctors offer family planning advice during normal surgery times.

This service is confidential and there is no need to say you require family planning when making an appointment.

Minor Surgery

Our doctors undertake minor surgery at the health centre.

Child Health

We provide child and family health services through delivery of the Healthy Child Programme. This includes:

  • an antenatal contact after 28 weeks for the parent(s) to be.
  • a review at 6-8 weeks
  • developmental reviews by 1 year and 2 and a half years of age

All points of contact will allow for a review of any family health concerns and work with you to plan how additional support can be accessed if required

To book an appointment please call: 0333 2341 901 option 2.


Our community physiotherapist is provided by Livewell Southwest , Mark Turner is attached to the practice and operates clinics by appointment only.

Arrangements are made direct by the physiotherapist.


A chiropodist attends on a regular basis for senior citizens, children, patients with diabetes and certain other conditions.


A counsellor is contracted to the health centre offering appointments to patients.