COVID Vaccinations - if you have been booked an appointment by your GP practice they are now being carried out at Follaton House, Totnes and no longer at St Boniface

Two Primary Care Networks have been involved in making the vaccination centre a reality. One being the South Dartmoor and Totnes Primary Care Network, which includes GP surgeries from, Ashburton, Buckfastleigh, Catherine House, Leatside and 

South Brent. Along with the South Hams Primary Care Network which includes surgeries from Chillington, Dartmouth, Modbury, Norton Brook and Redfern.  


Patients at these surgeries will be offered vaccinations at Follaton House that will allow the surgeries to double their current capacity.  


Initially the site will be for patients who are due their second dose and patients at these surgeries will be contacted to inform them of the change in their location. 


Martin Randall, Lead Manager, South Dartmoor & South Hams COVID Vaccination Service, said: “We are very excited about moving to Follaton House, which will enable us to double our capacity per day as we move to second phase of the programme. This will allow us to provide first doses for our younger population whilst administering second doses for our earlier cohorts. The site is located more centrally and will reduce travelling times for those who live in the south of the area.  


We are very appreciative of the support we have received from the Diocese of Plymouth and our incredible group of volunteers during the first phase of the campaign. We now look forward to our partnership with South Hams District Council as we move forward with this unprecedented vaccination programme.”   


The Local Vaccination Service will move from St Boniface, Buckfast, to Follaton House, Totnes, from Wednesday 7 April and patients will be contacted by their practice to confirm this when providing an appointment for their second appointment. 



How local people can play their partupdated 1.Stay at home: The best thing the public can do to help the NHS is to stay at home as much as possible:oEvery time you leave your home you risk coming into contact withan infected person or touching a surface or door handle or petrol pump which may be contaminated. Any one of these interactions couldbe a crucial link in the chain of transmission which could lead to someone becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID-19.oPeople in Devon have really helped by following thegovernment guidanceseriously. If everyone does as they are asked,our hospitals and other services will cope.2.When you get your call from the NHS for your vaccine, please take it up: oThe NHS will get in touch with you when its your turn to be vaccinated.oPlease attend your appointment.oYou will not be offered a choice of which vaccination you receive both approved vaccines are rigorously tested, safe and effective.oPlease help us by not calling your local hospital or GP practice about getting the vaccine the NHS will contact you when it’s your turn.oBlocking phonelines with queries stops other people getting healthcare and diverts staff time, meaning the vaccine rollout will be slower.3.You may still transmit Covid after you have been vaccinated. oHaving the vaccine should protect you from becoming seriously ill from COVID-19,but you may still be a risk to others if you are exposed.oIt is crucial that you continue to observe the ‘stay at home’ and ‘hands, face, space’ advice until advised that it is no longer necessary.4.Follow the government guidance: ‘Hands, Face, Space’. 5.Use the NHS in the best wayoThink 111 first; or choose the right service for your needs: self-care, pharmacists, local minor injury services or your GP.

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