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Child Flu Vaccines for 2 years to pre school age children

Limited stocks are now in. Please call to book an  for children from 2 years to pre school and  children at risk due to chronic conditions.

School Delivery Childhood Flu Vaccine Uptake Programme 2019-20
We have been told that the vaccines for the school age children have been ordered by the providers who have been commissioned to give the vaccines in school. The 2019-20 flu vaccinations will be offered in schools to all children in reception (aged 4 rising to 5 years), year 1 (aged 5 rising to 6 years), year 2 (aged 6 rising to 7 years), year 3 (aged 7 rising to 8 years), year 4 (aged 8 rising to 9 years) and year 5 (aged 9 years rising to 10) and year 6 (aged 10 years rising to 11) in England. 

Please book in for your annual flu vaccination if you are over 65yrs, pregnant, or are in a 'risk' group

Risk groups include diabetes, asthma, COPD, Chronic heart disease, angina, chronic kidney disease, chronic liver disease, immunosuppression, coeliac syndrome, lack of working spleen

If unsure check with reception


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